Calling All Spiritually Awakened Women Entrepreneurs!

You started your business because you know that you have what it takes to attain great success, yet in spite of all your best efforts, you haven't achieved your desired results. You're searching for answers, but the answers are elusive. So you're ready to bring spiritual awareness into your business. If this describes you, register below

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Bridging Your Soul & Your Bank Account


Forcing things in business and life

Struggling, surviving, and lacking  

Outrunning, outdoing, and outperforming

Forcefully achieving and overcoming obstacles

Spinning your wheels, running into nowhere

Constantly making things happen

Or lacking in action whatsoever!


You want to feel a relief and to relax

You want your business and life to be in the flow

Where everything you want comes in the easier way

You want to be Divinely guided in everything you do

You want to be connected and inspired

You want to express your feminine self

You want to have both happiness & prosperity


Bust the Hustle, Leave the Realm of "Never Enough," and Achieve More Success in the Flow & Grace

    Discover the biggest secret that could give you relief, flow and grace; even if you mind persists on hustle and force. Learn the biggest mistake many women in real estate make.

    Learn The MAIN REASON behind all your struggles, even though it feels like they will never end, and the ONLY way to let go PERMANENTLY of your struggle, survival, and never enough.

    Understand the difference between the Traditional Business and the Enlightened Business, even if the world around you insists that a TRADITIONAL Business is the only way to go, so that you can confidently choose the business model that best suits you as a woman.

    Discover the process of CREATING BUSINESS SUCCESS in the FLOW and GRACE, even if your mind says, “Hustle is the only way to be successful,” so that you can focus on creating, instead of surviving.

Stop surviving. Start creating!

Bring spiritual awareness into the material business!

P.S. This is NOT a religious or metaphysical event. It's spiritual (esoteric) teaching.



Enlightened Business

Bridging Your Soul & Your Bank Account

Thursday, February 15, 2024

10 a.m.-12 p.m. MST/Arizona/Phoenix, USA

Irina is teaching LIVE! Please cLear your schedule! Camera ON!


Dear Spiritually Awakened Woman Entrepreneur, if you ever said to yourself:

“I’ve tried all the traditional methods of achieving business success, but it’s never enough. I am ready for a spiritual approach,” then you are at the perfect place at the perfect time!

Traditionally, more men have been more successful in business than women. Men achieve business success and proceed teaching us women the way they have been doing business. After all, they are very successful! I am sure by now you have been in numerous trainings and classes where you have been diligently learning the successful business strategies and tactics.

Yet, why do you feel that success is just out of your reach? Or why do you quietly call your business a “heavy load”? And why do you feel reluctant to push and be aggressive when so many mentors told you to take actions and make it happen? What stopped you? Perhaps, you even catch yourself thinking: “I have everything I need to be successful: training, education, experience and motivation. Then why I don’t get the desired results?”

Have you ever thought (or admitted) that men and women are very different biologically? We are also different in our natural ways of behavior. While for men it’s a second nature to be aggressive and take active actions in business, for us women, it’s not that simple. Men use force without thinking twice about it. Women love to be in the flow of things. Women love to attract vs hunt for. Women love effortless way. The masculine energy is forceful, and the feminine energy is in the flow.

It's been a long time in the past when only the masculine way prevailed. But now feminine way is on the rise. As a woman you have to honor yourself as a female and use the female strengths. When you hustle and force, you block the flow. You become unhappy because it is not your natural way of being.

But how and where do you find this flow? What is this flow all about? What will it bring? Join Irina’s Masterclass and find out!


After having interviewed the wealthiest people in the nation, Think and Grow Rich author Napoleon Hill concluded,


“If you are one of those people who believes that hard work and honesty alone will bring riches, perish the thought. It is not true! Riches, when they come in huge quantities, are never the result of hard work…"

But WHAT brings riches? Join Irina's Masterclass and find out!


By the way, this Class is NOT about discarding the physical world. Only when BOTH worlds – physical and spiritual – are brought together as one, will it bring you the most successful business, the largest profits, the deepest satisfaction on the soul level and happiness. In other words, it will bring you DIVINE WEALTH!

Join Irina in her masterclass and learn how to stop the hustle, leave the realm of “never enough,” and find the FLOW and GRACE, which will bring you desired success, happiness, and prosperity. Start growing your business the WOMAN way - in the FLOW and GRACE! It’s time to bring spiritual awareness into your material business!

What the Enlightened Business Means to an Entrepreneur

Excerpt from the case study with Marie Quier, Realtor®, on her business success during working with Irina


Enlightened Business

Bridging Your Soul & Your Bank Account

Thursday, February 15,

10 a.m.-12 p.m. MST/Arizona/Phoenix, USA

Irina is teaching LIVE! Please cLear your schedule! Camera ON!


“Inspirational, funny and transformational… Irina opened my eyes on fear, lack and limitations. My take away from her training was real practical steps that I incorporated immediately into my life and business.”

Maria Serbina
M.Eng., MBA, CEO Influencer Marketing & Consulting


“Authentic and engaging, Irina’s presentation style immediately piqued my interest. Her sense of humor and personal stories created a connection of trust and confidence that her insights would offer me a new perspective for personal growth. Without hesitation, I became a client that same day.”

Connie Cone, Entrepreneur
Connie’s Cookie Jar, L.L.C.


“Irina is a fabulous instructor and spiritual guide! I didn't know what to expect from the event, but was left in awe by what I was shown and what I walked away being enlightened with. Irina's wealth of knowledge shines through abundantly as a gift and I highly recommend this event!!”

--Marie Quier, Realtor®


“If you are looking for something but don't know what it is, Irina can help you! Her classes are fun, down-to-earth, and non-judgmental. With her personal experiences and decades of research, she can help guide you toward the positive direction you might need in your life.”

Lisa Sanchez

“Nobody wanted to get off the call... "

Stacy Aronica

Realtor®, Business Mentor

“The biggest AHA-moment from Irina's event"

Maria Serbina, MBA, Mr.Eng.,

M.Eng., MBA, CEO Influencer Marketing & Consulting

“I was able to reaffirm for myself my goal and purpose in business and in life."

Dr. Valdellon, Optometrist, Author and Mentor

“It enabled me to take more action than I have in a while. I am in a flow."

Jennifer Katz, Entrepreneur

"I have eliminated 90% of my money worries and fears! It’s huge for me!"

Connie Cone, Connie’s Cookie Jar

Meet Your Host



Irina travelled the world from Russia to the United States, chasing success. To her dismay, she found success elusive. So she focused on education thinking that would make her successful. She has extensive education and training (3 Master’s degrees, including an M.A. in Counseling & numerous certifications in holistic studies, soul healing, and deep regression hypnosis). In addition to 3 traditional universities, Irina was also trained at the University of Spiritual Studies (Delphi) and The Michael Newton Institute (Life Between Lives)

But true transformation came in 1995 in the form of a profound spiritual awakening when she had a an unexpected conversation with the Being of Light and she asked why things were not working the way they should have. The answer was “Everything is inside of you: the good and the ugly.” Immediately, she started changing everything that was sabotaging her. It brought her on her spiritual journey home. She changed herself inside out, and now she helps others to do the same.

Along the way, she has become an author of several books, including a bestseller, she has been working with clients for the last 28 years in spiritual self-awareness mentoring, hypnosis, doing public speaking, deep soul healing work, traditional counseling, and teaching at the college level.

Irina’s specialized education, training, and professional and personal experience of 28 years allowed her to design, perfect, and time-test her own original high-quality and effective mentoring systems, teachings, and tools.

Irina’s highly developed intuitive skills and extensive spiritual knowledge allow laser-sharp insight into every client’s situation to allow the most effective permanent healing. Irina’s journey has blessed her with happy clients who have gotten numerous positive results and completely changed their lives. Irina’s heart is full of gratitude!

What is an enlightened enterprener?

A woman business owner who found out who she is, restored her self-worth and self-love, and established a close personal consciouns connection with her personal Divine Self. She has achieved freedom, power, and Divine wealth.

What is an enlightened business?

The enlightened business is based on entirely different rules and principles than a traditional testosterone-based business; therefore, business coaches and mentors don’t teach it.

This business requires personal deep connection with the Divine, spiritual mastery over the material world, and it uses spiritual laws and principles in creating the desired results. It usually yields much better results than originally expected.


is to guide spiritually awakened women entrepreneurs to find who they truly are, restore self-worth and self-love, claim their freedom, power, and divine wealth, so that they become enlightened entrepreneurs running an enlightened business, in active partnership with the personal Divine Self, and free of struggle and survival.

Professionals Say It Best About Irina’s Speaking Style

Irina’s clients say it best!



Enlightened Business

Bridging Your Soul & Your Bank Account

Thursday, February 15,

10 - 11:30 a.m. MST/Arizona/Phoenix, USA

Irina is teaching LIVE! Please cLear your schedule! Camera ON!

P.S. This is NOT a religious or metaphysical event. It's spiritual (esoteric) teaching.