Keys to Freedom
The Guide to Personal Power

Keys to Freedom  The Guide to Personal Power

Keys to Freedom is full of controversy and statements that will make you think and perhaps, even make a choice to look at your life from a very different POWERFUL point of view.

Who is really responsible for your life circumstances, including your finances, career, health and relationship? Is Bruce Almighty real? Does the Universe really speak to you in very personal terms through the Celestial GPS? And how about deep understanding of the spiritual dynamics of sexual abuse and rape? Intrigued? If you are up for a challenge of taking a genuine responsibility for every aspect of your life, this book is a MUST READ guide that will provide many answers to your spiritual questions.


“What is your perception of yourself? How about death? Do your dreams reveal something that could change the way you think? Join Irina on her journey into these very things… a profound journey of survival and release!”

Lee Carroll
Author of the Kryon series and co-author of the Indigo Children


“…I continued to read Irina’s book as days came by following our sessions because I knew whatever was going to happen next was going to be in the book. I saw Irina’s book like the bible. And I know that not many would compare anything to the bible, but I felt that what her book was to me. Every time I read the book, it seemed that whatever I was reading was happening that very moment in my life. It was so incredible…”

Jessyca Osborn, Irina's client

Bridging Your Soul and Your Bank Account
The Complete Guide to Spiritual Satisfaction and Wealth

Bridging Your Soul and Your Bank Account The Complete Guide to Spiritual Satisfaction and Wealth

As an entrepreneur or a professional, do you just want to make lots of money? Or you want to fulfill your soul purpose and make great money while feeling deeply satisfied? Happy ego makes money. Happy soul creates the feeling of deep satisfaction. Why not to achieve both? If your business/career (and life!) seems heavy, hard and lonely, know there is another way. This book will show you the enlightened business system by helping you to

✔ Align your business/career with your soul purpose
✔ Understand that the world is a reflection of your self-value
✔ Close the gap between physical world and the spirit realm


“Expect controversy, interesting stories and unorthodox solutions.”

Maria Serbina
MBA E-Business, M. Eng, CEO Influencer Marketing & Consulting


“I had many breakthroughs while reading this book.”

Larry Carter
Founder, No Cubed Inc.

Drop That Drama & Recreate Your Relationship That Works

Drop That Drama & Recreate Your Relationship That Works

Do you have a problem with your relationship? Do you dream of improving it, or you plan to leave? Either way, don’t take an action without reading this book first. Why? Because Drop That Drama is a loud wakeup call for those who think that the problem lies with their partner, not with them, and that their partner needs to change, not themselves. Everything starts from within. When you apply this spiritual principle and the rest of the principles explained in the extraordinary book, you literally will be able to change YOUR partner without saying a word to him or her. By changing yourself, you will see the drastic transformation that will happen with your loved one.

And on the other side, if you decided to leave your relationship, by applying these principles first, you will be able “to leave with honors,” when you get a green light to smooth the way, when the gate is wide open and the Karma between you two has ended; and you will never repeat this Karmic lesson ever again. Intrigued? Read on!


“You will definitely want to re-read and study this book. It will show you and help you understand the hidden ways and forms which drama takes even when you think you have none in your life. Thankfully, the practical and immediately applicable ways to overcome and drop it are laid out as well. Count on this book to help you drop any drama you face as fast as you read it.”

Biljana Karamehmedovic, ND
Success & Leadership Language Mentor Transformational Life and Business LEAP Strategist

Don’t Blame the Mirror for Your Ugly Face
The World You See is a Reflection of You

Don’t Blame the Mirror for Your Ugly Face The World You See is a Reflection of You

In this book Irina shows you WHERE to look for your most important “WHY” that will give you the most drive to climb the highest mountains and achieve the impossible. She explains the code that unlocks your greatness and proves that behind every business and life challenge lies a spiritual puzzle waiting to be solved on the energy level. Irina points out where you need to start looking for the most elegant solutions to all your business and life puzzles. She reveals three huge common mistakes people make in trying to solve their most pressing problems. Irina introduces the most powerful tool and explains why you absolutely must use it if you want to create your personal heaven on earth. And what’s the most intriguing is your business was planned in the Spirit World before you were born and Irina shows you “HOW.”


“This amazing book is filled with stories that will bring you to tears and light up your heart all rolled together. The message that hits home is the spiritual connection along with your own internal self-worth is the substance of building a powerful, fruitful and abundant future. This is a must read book.”

Claudia Cooley
Best Selling Author and Success and Life Enrichment Expert.


“Absolutely brilliant!... I greatly appreciate Irina’s insight into how to bring my spiritual cash register into the physical realm… And thank you, Irina, for connecting the dots for me and for sharing your story… If anyone has had a triumph over physical lack-of-money (from breadlines and bank runs) to creating true wealth, you are it!”

Jennifer Diepstraten
Author and Coach

Savvy Women
Revving Up for Success

Irina is a co-author of #1 Amazon Best-Seller by Claudia Cooley

The book is a collection of inspiring true stories lived by women from all works of life. We all told our stories and shared our acquired wisdom in easy to implement tips. My story is entitled The Miracle of Manifesting Impossible. It is about making a choice, setting the intention (without even realizing it), taking inspired actions (I was guided by and followed the Divine all the way, but was not aware of it consciously), and achieving the results that have changed my life drastically. My “moving to the moon mission” was accomplished with flying colors. One of the tips I share in this book is this: “Impossible Big Dream - It is in your heart for a reason. You always have two choices: ignore it and live your life as you know it now, or take a risk and go after your heart’s desire." Blessings, Irina Baker