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Bridging Your Soul & Your Bank Account March 1-3, 2024


“Inspirational, funny and transformational… Irina opened my eyes on fear, lack and limitations. My take away from her training was real practical steps that I incorporated immediately into my life and business.”

Maria Serbina
M.Eng., MBA, CEO Influencer Marketing & Consulting


“Authentic and engaging, Irina’s presentation style immediately piqued my interest. Her sense of humor and personal stories created a connection of trust and confidence that her insights would offer me a new perspective for personal growth. Without hesitation, I became a client that same day.”

Connie Cone, Entrepreneur
Connie’s Cookie Jar, L.L.C.

A training designed specifically for spiritually aware entrepreneurs and experts who want to achieve both: make a great deal of money and feel deeply satisfied, in other words, create the ultimate wealth. The ultimate wealth can only be reached by connecting your physical life with the spiritual realm and remembering who you truly are. The Napoleon Hill’s law states: All the greatest business achievers rely on the Infinite Intelligence (AKA Divine) in business.

The Ultimate Wealth

Wealth and Satisfaction the Easy Way

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Maria’s AHA-moment at Irina’s Live Event The Ultimate Wealth