Irina is a Speaker, Best-Selling Author & Spiritual Self-Awareness Mentor with more than 20 years of professional experience, who appeared in front of different audiences from 10 to 600 people. Irina has spoken in various settings: entrepreneurial live events, speaker’s summit, hospitals, X-Event (Ted-like style), associations, bookstores, corporate meetings, Mind, Body & Spirit expos, Rotary clubs, conferences, churches & Toastmasters. Irina has undergone professional speaking training, media (TV & Radio) training, and she is a former Toastmaster.

Irina’s Talks

Depending on your audience, the talk will be adjusted to business or career/work.

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What Irina Talks About

Based on Irina’s newest book Bridging Your Soul and Your Bank Account. The Complete Guide to Spiritual Satisfaction and Wealth

In America from the times of Morgan and Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Carnegie, the virtue of hard work has always been highly praised as the sure path to business success.

Then why do so many Americans work very hard, yet constantly feel they “never have enough” and many are in debt?

Irina Baker has lived and searched for answers both in Russia and America. Irina found out that the secret lies not in the physical actions, but in the consciousness. Change your consciousness and your physical reality will shift to accommodate your new consciousness. This is the only way!

This talk is an expert training, where every story has a specific teaching point that applies to many personally.

From the beginning, Irina easily creates and retains a strong emotional connection with her audience. Her keen sense of humor and authenticity keep her listeners engaged and entertained.

Irina’s training is a provocative wakeup call for those who believe that only through non-stop hard work, climbing mountains and being aggressive they can achieve big success and satisfaction.

Your audience will discover:

1. There is the ONLY WAY to move from money stress to consistent prosperity flow PERMANENTLY, yet many people are not aware of it and remain in forever “never enough,” continuously chasing illusive big money and satisfaction.

2. There is the DEEP REASON behind “never enough” and money stress, yet many are completely unaware of this reason and keep spinning the wheels trying to achieve big success, alas, in vain

3. There is a SOLUTION on how to start feeling financially secure and satisfied without having millions in a bank, but many have no idea and struggle.

1. From Money Stress to the Consistent Prosperity Flow

The Secret to Achieving Financial Security and Soul Satisfaction without Chasing Millions

2. From The Old to the New Energy Business Model

The Secret Missing Ingredient to Business Success ONLY a Few Are Aware About

3. Bust the Hustle, Do Less & Accomplish More

Applying Spiritual Self-Awareness to YOUR Business

4. Bridging Your Soul & Your Bank Account

The Secret Missing Ingredient to Achieving Satisfaction and Wealth without a Hustle

5. Love OR Money? We Can Have BOTH!

How to Achieve BOTH Financial Security and Deep Soul Satisfaction Without Chasing Millions