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Irina's spiritual teachings compliment but not compete with all business and marketing coaching

At this time, the affiliate promotion is open for the Divine Guidance Challenge leading to the Divine Wealth Event leading to the Radiant Mastery Academy. See the Challenge and the Event info below.


FREE 3-day Virtual LIVE Divine Guidance Challenge

For Spiritually Awakened Women Entrepreneurs
with Irina Baker

September 29-October 1, 2023

2 p.m.-4 p.m. MST/Phoenix/Arizona

2 hours each class

This is NOT religious teaching.


You Will Earn the Following Commission

Step 1: Promote FREE Divine Guidance Challenge.

Step 2: If a person buys a $97 Divine Wealth Event ticket during or after the Divine Guidance Challenge,

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Step 3: If this person enters into the 1-year-long Radiant Mastery Academy program,

you'll earn additional $1,000 in commission.

The commision payments will be made via PayPal 60 days after the purchase. Payments will be done in USD; however, you'll receive money in your country's currency, according to PayPal rules.

Our affiliate partnership for this particular promotion ends with the purchase of the current Radiant Mastery Academy program.

Radiant Mastery Academy commision is the last one for the current promotion.

If the money is paid in installments, you will be receiving $100 from the deposit and $75 monthly within the next 12 months, CONTINGENT upon Irina's receiving the money, deposited in the back.

The DISCLAIMER: According to the common affiliate practices, you will not be paid commission for purchasing your own ticket to the event or the program you are promoting. Please don't use your affiliate link to purchase your own ticket.



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