Keys to Freedom

Practical Spiritual Knowledge, Systems and Tools
to Restore Your Self-Worth & Reconnect with Your Divine Self

The Spiritual Intensive


The Key 1: Know Thyself.

Deep exoteric spiritual anatomy that will give you deep understanding of yourself, of who you are and why you are here and what you are supposed to do in business and life.

The Key 2: The MIRROR WORK™

It will transform your perception of the world, other people and yourself forever.

The Key 3: The FAR SYSTEM™ and Laser Insight™ Work.

Practical spiritual system for uncovering, processing and removing deep subconscious and unconscious blocks to increase vibration and improve all areas of your life drastically. You can change any situation in your business and life by applying the FAR SYSTEM™.

The Key 4: Getting Close Up and Personal With Your Personalized God-Self.

Establishing a 2-way direct communication with the Divine. Ask questions and get answers directly from God!

The Key 5: Genuine Forgiveness™

Practical spiritual system on TRULY forgiving others and yourself. Forgive and forget!


Bonus #1
“Discover the Main Issue of Your Entire Life that Affects ALL Areas”

2-hour Interactive LAB where we will roll up our sleeves and get to the depth of the main pattern of your life that feeds your main spiritual lesson. The faster you become aware of the lesson, the faster you will be able to free yourself from its pain. This is the foundation of self-worth restoration.


Bonus #2

1 Complimentary Ticket to Irina’s Upcoming Virtual Live Event


The Journey Home from – “Not Enough” -- to – “I Know Who I AM” -- to “Inner Power to Achieve the Desired Results in Business and Life.”

(Value $97)

After having learned and practiced the Keys to Freedom, you will be the most prepared audience for Irina’s Virtual Live Event; therefore, you will get the most out of this next level.


Special Pay in Full Bonus

Two!!! 1x1 1-hour sessions with Irina to work on your particular issue that you want to solve. This is Irina’s well known Laser Insight™ Work. You will learn it during the program and here you will get a chance to experience it first-hand with Irina.



We trust that Irina’s

Irina is teaching this program LIVE!

We trust that Irina’s

8-week program (7-week Intensive & 1 week interactive 2-hour bonus LAB)

We trust that Irina’s

1.5-hour weekly sessions

We trust that Irina’s

Interactive and practical

We trust that Irina’s

Via Zoom

We trust that Irina’s

Access to the recordings

Irina Headshot

We trust that Irina’s

Extensive education and training (3 Master’s degrees, including M.A. in Counseling & numerous certifications in holistic studies, soul healing and deep regression hypnosis) In addition to 3 traditional universities, Irina was also trained at The University of Spiritual Studies (Delphi) and The Michael Newton Institute (Life Between Lives);

Spiritual awakening in 1995 and following 100% commitment to her personal intensive spiritual healing and growth since that day;

Successful professional experience of 26 years in spiritual self-awareness mentoring and hypnosis, public speaking, deep soul healing work, traditional counseling and teaching at a college level;

Great testimonials of Irina’s happy clients who have gotten numerous positive results and completely changed their lives;

High quality and effectiveness of her proven mentoring systems and teachings;

Highly developed intuitive skills and extensive spiritual knowledge based on specialized education, training, professional and personal experience of 26 years that allow laser-sharp insight into every client’s situation;

Several written books on the subject, including a best-seller.

will give you great confidence that you are choosing a high quality expert to support you in your spiritual growth

Irina’s clients say it best!