Do New Year’s Resolutions Work? 5 Steps to Ensure Success of Your Resolutions
January 12, 2024

Why Some New Year’s Resolutions Are Most Likely to Fail and the Biggest Requirement for Every Successful Resolution


Do you go to a gym regularly? If you do, no doubt, you’re familiar with this phenomenon. At the beginning of every year or the beginning of a new season, gyms become crowded with newcomers who join the gym with an honest intention to exercise.

You might be even irritated because of the suddenly crowded space. However, as a regular, you know better. You know that you have to be patient and wait. In a month or two, the crowd will disappear, and everything will be back to normal. Only the regulars will remain in the gym trenches. The new people will be gone with the wind. Does it sound familiar? Why does it happen year after year?

When I was looking for a photo image for my two articles on resolutions, I found this image saying “New Year-New Me.”
January first comes, and people have happy expectations that the new year will for sure bring positive changes, bright days, and happiness. With the clock striking midnight on December 12, somehow we magically expect to turn into “NEW YEAR – NEW ME.” But do we?
The answer is “Unfortunately, not at all. No matter the clock at midnight, we do not change. The calendar changes, but not the people.
Just setting New Year’s resolutions with an honest intent doesn’t make them successful. In many cases, resolutions fail. Life takes over, they are abandoned, neglected, and forgotten, until the next New Year’s Day, when we stubbornly set the new resolutions, and the cycle of failed resolutions continues.

The resolutions fail because people set the resolutions relying on the outer actions and circumstances. To fulfill the resolutions, people use their willpower. However, willpower doesn’t take us far.

In the battle between the conscious mind (utilizing the willpower – mental force) and the subconscious mind (feelings), the subconscious will always win. The OLD ME lies in the subconscious. Willpower only works for a sprint, the short period, the first month or two at the gym, and then the subconscious takes over and everything returns to the old status quo, how it used to be.

Most New Year’s resolutions require behavior change, lifestyle change, habit change, etc. And to accomplish the change, we have to go to the root and change that root. The root lies in the deep subconscious, and most often, people are not even aware of what’s there. The Titanic didn’t sink because of the visible small tip of the iceberg, but from the collision with the huge part of the iceberg hidden underwater, invisible on the surface.

What should you do instead? Set the resolution, then ask your Higher Power. “What is it I need to see and change within for my resolution to be successful?” Then, of course, you have to pay attention and be willing to do the inner work.
If you just want to quit smoking, you have to ask yourself, “What do I have to change inside that makes me smoke?” It’s not the smoking habit you have to remove, but the cause/the root that keeps the habit in the first place. When the inner cause is gone, the habit will be much easier to change.

If you want to lose weight, you have to ask yourself, “What do I have to change inside that makes me gain and sustain excess weight?” When that inner cause of weight is gone, you will lose weight in no time, and it will be a permanent change.

I just gave you two examples, but this requirement of the inner change first must be met in every resolution.

You might say, well, I will just take action and make it happen. Yes, by taking action, you can make resolutions happen, but how long will that superficial outer change last? Yes, you will join the gym, but will you sustain it? We cannot go against our inner subconscious for a very long time. The willpower sprint ends fast, and the old status quo returns.

The Inner change always precedes the outer change, therefore, to make all your resolutions successful, you must start changing within.

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In Divine Light,
Irina Baker

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