Irina helps women entrepreneurs and professionals find permanent freedom from money worries, struggles, fears and never enough. Irina teaches how to achieve both soul satisfaction and financial security without having millions in the bank by increasing self-awareness and changing consciousness.

We trust that Irina’s

Extensive education and training (3 Master’s degrees, including M.A. in Counseling & numerous certifications in holistic studies, soul healing and deep regression hypnosis);

Spiritual awakening in 1996 and following 100% commitment to her personal intensive spiritual healing and growth since that day;

Successful professional experience for more than 20 years in spiritual self-awareness mentoring and hypnosis, public speaking, deep soul healing work, traditional counseling and teaching at a college level;

Great testimonials of Irina’s happy clients who have gotten numerous positive results and completely changed their lives;

High quality and effectiveness of her proven mentoring systems and teachings;

Highly developed intuitive skills and extensive spiritual knowledge based on specialized education, training, professional and personal experience for more than 20 years that allow laser-sharp insight into every client’s situation;

Irina’s professional speaking training and professional media (TV and Radio) training;

Several written books on the subject, including a best-seller.

will give you great confidence that you are choosing a high quality expert to present to your audience!

Irina in front of a professional video camera

Irina's mentoring work

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Irina is speaking at the X-Event in Miami, Florida

Irina is introduced by a Pitt Bull of Professional Development™ and TV personality Larry Winget