Welcome to Irina's Freedom Quest to Prosperity Masterclass and Enlightened Entrepreneur Live Event Special!

Please Follow The Steps Below

In case of a technical difficulty or any emergency during the event, we will communicate via this FB group.

Step 2:Watch emails from Irina

Make sure that you receive emails from irina@radiantmastery.com so you get the access to both events and the invitation to the required check-in before the event.

Step 3: Please Clear Your Schedule

Since you have made a commitment to the both the masterclass and the event, please make sure to attend every session, every day. It's a intimate highly interractive group, and you will be encouraged to share. Please have a CAMERA ON at all times when you are present. We all need your active participation and support! We cannot wait to see you in our classroom! Prepare to be transformed!

Sending light, love and blessings your way,
Irina Baker