A Million-Dollar Question That Sold The House That Was Not Selling & Nothing Worked Before
February 13, 2020

From not Speaking a Word in English to Author, Speaker & Mentor: Where to Find Determination

Phenomenal Success Story of Dr. Biljana Karamehmedovic. From not speaking a word of English to a Doctor of Naturorthopathy, Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Transformational Leap Coach with Leap Results International. And this is all accomplished in ENGLISH! What was the main force that made the seemingly impossible a reality? I interviewed Biljana Karamehmedovic, N.D., to share with you how to achieve what seems impossible.


After watching the interview, make sure to visit Complimentary Companion Podcast Practice where I have dissected the interview to highlight the practical tips and main points and created an awareness-shifting questionnaire for you. 


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