How to Recognize the Signs of Burnout and Stress BEFORE Illness Got a Hold of You: Advice from a Former Executive.
March 26, 2020
She Had a Successful Corporate Career but Felt Stressed & Miserable. She Had to Make a Choice!
April 10, 2020

How to Find Relief from Battling Upstream and Find Yourself in Effortless Flow of Life

If you feel like salmon battling against life circumstances, running like a hamster, spinning your wheels and feel like it’s never enough; and the race never stops, there is another way. Clarissa Krisjansson, Ph.D., of Little Breathing Space Podcast (Sweden) interviews me (U.S.A.) on how to solve any challenge you will encounter in life in the most effective and permanent way. I share 3 vital keys to finding relief from spinning your wheels. You can apply these major keys to every situation, and they will open the door!

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