How to Find Relief from Battling Upstream and Find Yourself in Effortless Flow of Life
April 2, 2020
From 325 LBS & Deadly Ill to 150 LBS, Healthy and Happy! She Lost 175 LBS & Found Life!
April 16, 2020

She Had a Successful Corporate Career but Felt Stressed & Miserable. She Had to Make a Choice!

Diana was working in corporate, making great money, had great benefits, a title and on track for a very successful career. Yet she felt her soul was being sucked dry and she was slowly losing herself. She was crying in the parking lot each morning before going to work. How long could it last? Watch how Diana is going through the last clearing of the long-standing issue that kept her trapped. Diana shared what choice she had to make to save herself and most importantly, what her choice represented to her spiritually. She used to tell herself while working in the corporate world: “If I work harder, I will prove my value. They will see my value.” Was it true? Did it really happen? Did they see her value? Find out by watching this interview. Do YOU work in a corporation? Are you stressed and feel miserable? Do you believe that you have to prove yourself?

Diana Gogan is a Spiritual Life Coach and Wayfinder, helping people live a life that’s a reflection of their soul. Diana powerfully weaves together coaching, energy work, shamanic and nature practices, and equine-assisted coaching to create life-changing opportunities for her clients.

Diana answered more questions for the podcast practice. To access Diana’s additional answers and the awareness-shifting questionnaire, visit Complimentary Companion Podcast Practice


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