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February 13, 2020
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February 27, 2020

How to Get Rid of a Feeling of Never Enough & Perfectionism & Live In Ease & Flow

Super Achiever, Harvard Graduate, Perfect Mom, Perfect Wife & Perfect Jewish woman got a Divine warning, took actions; but nothing worked. Finally, she fell apart and ended up at a hospital with symptoms of multiple sclerosis and 95% blindness in an eye; and got a realization to make a new choice, which turned out to be a blessing of a lifetime. Why yoga, religion and being perfect didn’t work and where Devora found the solution to her severe health crisis.

I interviewed my colleague and friend Devora Gila Berkowitz, Ease and Flow Coach & Healer to find out what she did to stop feeling “never enough” and being perfectionist, to heal herself so profoundly and to start enjoying her life in ease and flow.

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