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April 10, 2020
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April 30, 2020

From 325 LBS & Deadly Ill to 150 LBS, Healthy and Happy! She Lost 175 LBS & Found Life!

If you thought you’d had it tough in life, watch this interview! Josie Mercado Chavez can truly testify that “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” indeed. A college graduate with a degree in nutrition has been struggling with obesity since she was 15. She has faced death from a deadly diagnosis over and over and over. She had been a real survivor in a true definition of the word: She didn’t die. Finally, she has made the best decision of her life by choosing life and Fortuna smiled! Irina Baker interviews Josie Mercado Chavez, Nutrition Educator. Listen to Josie sharing how it feels to be obese and deadly ill while fulfilling the obligations of being a single mom, raising children, working full-time and taking care of ill parents. After this interview, you will be super grateful for all your challenges because someone had it worse… and celebrate with Josie her achievements!

Josie Mercado Chavez is a Nutrition Educator. “She provides individual and group nutrition counseling for all age lifespans from pregnancy to the end of the life stage. She also provides wellness programs for corporations and schools.”

to access Josie’s additional answers, which we didn’t have time to discuss, and an awareness-shifting questionnaire to bring the light of awareness into your situation,

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