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March 5, 2020
How to Stop the Coronavirus. The Spiritual Solution to the Physical Problem.
March 19, 2020

How to Find Self-Love & Self-Acceptance & Heal Your Relationships with Men

“What Stephanie shares is a common outlook for most women. She addresses the common female need that we should be aware of. If we are aware of it, we have to change it.”  — Connie C.

If you are a woman, this interview is a must! Do all of your relationships with men work? Do you always behave, feel and are treated like a queen? Do you ever feel inadequate as a woman? Do you seek attention, especially from men? Do you have to be in the center of attention at all costs, especially, with men? I interviewed Stephanie Fraysur, an Advanced Logistics Specialist and a make-up line business owner, who has been caught up in the same pattern of seeking attention in all the wrong places until she realized that she had to take 100% responsibility. Stephanie finally looked within to find the cause of her behavior and her feeling of unloved and changed.

After the interview is over, I dissected it and commented on the main points to increase your spiritual self-awareness and help you apply your awareness in your situation. I also created an awareness-shifting questionnaire for your deeper understanding. Access these activities, pertaining to this particular interview at the Complimentary Companion Podcast Practice

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