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How to Stop the Coronavirus. The Spiritual Solution to the Physical Problem.

Thank you! This video is wonderful, magnificent, right on. I’m personally set free! I was feeling guilty for not being sad or made enough. So I’m very happy to have permission to be a whole lot more diligent in working with my thoughts. I’m finding time to go over the video again now.

     — Frae W.


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My daughter and I went to Walmart. Knowing how energy works, I was prepared. On the outside, everything looked normal. People didn’t race, carts were not overflowing. Yet, the energy of the place was sad to experience. Fear was so thick, it was almost tangible. Long empty shelves reminded me of my “normal” childhood experience in the former Soviet Union. (What’s new in this life for me?)

Even though I was surrounded by my energy protection, because I am extremely sensitive to energy, I was still affected to some degree. It was the energy of fear, uncertainty, anxiety, and panic. Of course, the infamous coronavirus was the cause.

The virus is a physical phenomenon; therefore, the majority of people are concerned with the physical side of it. And the fear of death is the fear that what humans instinctively feel. We all have the instinct to survive, and that is what we do over and over and over: actively surviving one tragic or scary event after another.

A lot is already written on the physical aspects of the virus, how to protect yourself and others and how to escape it. However, as a Spiritual Self-Awareness Mentor, I am about to share my spiritual point of view on this physical virus. What the “virus and pandemic” mean spiritually, where it comes from and what we all can do to protect ourselves and our loved one and stop the calamity altogether.  I will be sharing information that many would never consider, so please take it or leave it.

If you lived on earth longer than 10 years, it is hard not to notice that periodically a big catastrophe or a calamity or a disaster or “you name it” pops up and makes everyone panicked and afraid?  The pandemic happened in 1918, 1930, 1957, 1968 and 2009.  And it is not the only pandemic like deadly viruses. In addition, every year natural disasters, like volcano eruptions, tornadoes, hurricanes, wildfires and the like, in addition to all man-made tragedies, like Chernobyl and Hiroshima and Nagasaki take place.

While Russian Bolsheviks continued killing innocent HEALTHY people after the bloody October revolution of 1917, infamous Spanish flu killed an estimated 50 million people in 1918 worldwide. Why does the world constantly suffer from one calamity to another? And the world is constantly having a knee-jerk reaction: A calamity occurs; and we must respond in “containing it,” “fighting it,” “isolating it,” “enduring it” and ALWAYS “surviving it.”  Why is it that we all can be assured that after coronavirus is over, after some period of rest, a new calamity will raise its ugly head? And if you are not Nostradamus incarnated, most likely, you have no idea what will it be next time and when.

It is my firm belief that the answer to all these questions doesn’t lie in the physical world. The true answer to the physical coronavirus and all other physical occurrences is spiritual!

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Let me do some explanation of spiritual principles that are at play here:

You cannot serve two masters at the same time.

There are two well-known masters in this world:  One is a true Master, while the other one is false. It is the Light and the darkness. It’s like being pregnant: There is nothing in between. You are either pregnant or not.  You either serve the Light or you serve the darkness. You cannot serve both light and dark, even though many attempt to. You are either afraid, angry and in panic or you are calm, at peace and harmonious at all times.  Do we at large serve the Light or the darkness? Unfortunately, the darkness.

Let’s define the darkness.

During your normal days, how many times, even in a day, do you feel afraid, angry, frustrated, irritated, unhappy, jealous, down, envious, nervous, depressed, livid, greedy or sad or even feel pain? Most likely, you are not even aware of your feelings. Your feelings are habitual and they respond to the outside stimuli. They are knee-jerk reactions.

Negative feelings create darkness!  Humans’ moods swing, human feelings are like ocean waves: They fluctuate.  Road rage, impatience at a store, unhappy in relationships, hating one’s job, just having depression all the time, affected by hormones, tired of a migraine, afraid of and angry at coronavirus, the list can go on and on. People think that their feelings are natural, and if they get angry, there is no ramification. Actually, those who think this way are sadly mistaken!

Our feelings (not thoughts!) are our POWERHOUSE!

They either create the darkness or the Light. The choice is yours to make!  Every negative feeling contributes to the destruction of the body, pollutes the ethers and negatively affects others, but what’s important, every negative feeling contributes to the collective darkness, which is made of human discord.

Not any small negative feeling is innocent. Every feeling has a must stronger effect than many realize. We create our reality with our feelings. (And not with thoughts, as it is often taught. The thoughts follow the feelings and not the other way around.) We create our reality even in our sleep, by emitting strong energy waves based on our deep, internal, subconscious feelings.

Negative feelings create darkness. Positive feelings expand light. As simple as that!

Any time we don’t feel harmonious and at peace, we actively create the darkness.

Any time we feel harmonious and at peace, we expand our light.

You cannot serve two masters at the same time. You cannot be angry and feel love at the same time. You cannot feel fear and joy at the same time. It’s either one or the other at full force at any given moment.

There is the main Law of the Universe. This Law is the Law of Love.

Since it is the Law, everyone in the Universe, including us, inhabitants of the Earth, must be OBEDIENT to this law. We must control our feelings and our thinking.  We must remain harmonious at all times. Are we at large obedient to the Law of Love? Unfortunately, not at all!

We were given a DOMINION over our thinking and feeling.

Therefore, we are responsible for the state of our thinking and feeling. To obey the LAW of LOVE, we must maintain peace, harmony and love in our thinking and feeling. Do we at large maintain love, peace, harmony and love in our thinking and feeling at all times? Unfortunately, it’s quite the opposite!

In summary, everything destructive and negative is the darkness. Everything constructive and positive is the Light. Do you think it is natural to be afraid and to panic? But it is only natural if one lives in the darkness. It’s natural TO and IN the darkness! And if you look at the world with attention, you will see a lot of darkness all around. And the sad fact, it’s the darkness that has been created by humans over and over and over through ignorance and unwillingness to wake up and understand that we all must obey the LAW of the Universe. There is neither exception nor exemption. As they say, “The Divine is not a respecter of persons.” We either obey the LAW or pay the hefty penalty, like coronavirus, for example.

Like PRODUCES like!  (attracts too, of course)

If you plant a cabbage seed in your garden, do you expect to grow watermelon from that cabbage seed? Then why don’t so many people realize that fear, panic and anger can only produce FEAR, PANIC, AND ANGER? The more fear we emit, the more fear we receive, the bigger darkness we create. Like produces like! Intense fear produces panic. Panic only produces more panic. And that what’s happening in the world. Coronavirus is very destructive and negative; therefore, it is the deep active darkness.

Darkness has a specific low rate of vibration, a state of low consciousness. Coronavirus vibrates on this specific low rate of vibration, and we experience it as the darkness that has inflicted pain and suffering on many on earth.

I don’t know if there is a conspiracy behind the madness. I don’t know if someone is attempting to exercise mind control over the world. I don’t know whether some actual individuals are responsible for activating the virus. However, this is not important. The criminals will destroy themselves by having turned to the dark side. The Light of God never fails.

What’s important is how coronavirus has become the pandemic and how it is sustained.

To answer this question, we need to understand the global state of consciousness.

If you put a seed into fertile soil, you will get abundant results. The seed will grow into something very good and abundant. But if you put a seed into the infertile soil, the seed will die without sprouting. Cancer is a deadly condition and it has been in existence for a long time. Two people stand next to each other: One has cancer, the other one is clear. Why? Because their internal environment is different. One body’s environment is fertile soil for cancer to thrive and spread and the other one’s body is the environment where cancer is unable to survive.

What’s the difference? Every physical condition has emotional origin: not the genes, not the weather, not the other humans, but the internal state of feeling and thinking.

Back to the virus. Even if some criminals would activate the evil in a form of a virus, if the earth’s population lived in a state of peace and harmony and followed the Divine, no evil could penetrate and do any harm. Darkness just wouldn’t have a chance of surviving. To thrive, evil, that is the coronavirus in our case, needs human fear and anger. And since the environment has been full of both, the soil has been fertile for the virus to spread and thrive.

This coronavirus has been activated by the human darkness accumulation. This accumulation is our collective anger, fear, and all other negative feelings, our direct disobedience to the Law of the Universe.

The human darkness is responsible for the virus’ existence, NOT nature! Nothing is created out of nothing. Everything is a result of a choice:  Darkness brings more darkness and Light creates more light. The virus was created by the darkness.

And here on earth, the darkness is generated by humans’ negative, destructive feelings. Collectively, we humans have been emitting so many destructive, angry feelings into the ethers that we all together have materialized as so-called coronavirus.

And guess what? I am sure it is hard to believe, but if you are experiencing the pandemic in your life right now, if it is in your reality (even if you just watch it on TV), you personally also helped creating it by your feelings and your thinking.

Fear produces only fear, and therefore, only darkness.

Anger produces only anger, and therefore, only darkness.

Pain produces only pain, and therefore, only pain.

Coronavirus produces only virus, and therefore, only darkness.

“Quantity turns into quality” is my favorite spiritual principle.

I experienced and practiced it over and over and over in my spiritual work. You know that usually, a calamity suddenly strikes, goes over a peak and then somehow dies. Then a calm period begins. After some time, another calamity arises. It’s like an ocean wave after another ocean wave with the time of rest in between. Why? Because the calamity as a result of the spiritual principle when quantity turned into quality.

People keep emitting negative feelings, actively violating the LAW of the UNIVERSE. At first, it’s not much, then it gets bigger and bigger and bigger, and then all the accumulated darkness materializes into some calamity, catastrophe or tragedy. Then the cycle begins again. Nature by itself is benevolent. It doesn’t produce tornadoes, tsunami, hurricanes and such. Only human darkness is responsible for all these so-called “Acts of God,” which are absolutely NOT the “Acts of God,” but the acts of negatively feeling, disobeying us humans.

Why did this virus become pandemic?

Power is in the numbers!

One person can manifest an amazing creation. Many people combining their efforts will magnify the individual creation and can grow it to the incredible size. Unfortunately, negative feelings work exactly the same. One scared person IS already powerful. But when the whole world is scared, it’s like an effect of many atomic bombs put together in one explosion. The enormous amount of fear is emitted into the ethers, polluting the environment and decreasing the overall vibration of the location, but what’s more important, feeding the darkness so it can grow bigger and bigger. When many on earth are so angry and negative on a regular basis, then the result is the pandemic. Like produces like!

How does the virus grow?

A virus is darkness, and the darkness needs “food” of low vibration to survive and thrive. Darkness feeds off fear and anger. Darkness needs a periodic deposit of fear and anger from humans to thrive on.  Because we humans got used to the idea that they are limited and victimized by life circumstances over and over again, we don’t realize how much power we inherently have. As I already explained earlier, this power lies in human feelings!

Our collective human fear and anger emitted routinely in daily activities had accumulated and materialized into the virus phenomenon.  Our collective human fear and anger at the virus and the situation feed the virus into a bigger and bigger size. Since the whole earth is taking part in actively feeling, the virus spread everywhere.

What you resist persists.

As you might have noticed, every time something bad happens, humans rush forward fighting with the condition.  Yet, there is a well-known spiritual principle:  What you resist persists. And that is exactly what people are doing right this moment all over the earth:  They are actively resisting the virus by fighting with it.

Please don’t rush into conclusion that I invite everyone to stop all rescue and prevention actions against the virus. Bear with me for a moment and see the big picture with me.

Fighting means aggression, resistance, anger, bullying, etc. These are all very low vibrational feelings. Fighting will produce more darkness.  Resistance produces more resistance.

How do we fight and resist the virus?  By feeling negatively towards the virus! So many humans are emitting hate, anger and so many are in a panic, which is intensified fear, that instead of stopping it, we are actively feeding it and therefore, growing it! Are you actively blaming the virus?  Are you angry with the leadership? Are you angry with politicians? Are you angry with the leader of your country? Whom are you blaming at this very moment?  When we blame, we resist. When we feel any negativity, we resist. Are you actively discussing the hardship? Are you upset, angry, scared or in panic in general?

Where is the solution to the virus pandemic?

 The virus is the darkness, the human anger, the human discord, the human creation. We as humans must take responsibility. We must turn to Light, LOVE! If you think that we as puny humans can find the permanent solution to stop the virus, you are gravely mistaken. Only The Divine I AM Presence (God) can provide this solution and relief.

 Love is Light.

Light is the most powerful substance there is in the whole Universe. Light doesn’t resist the darkness. Light doesn’t fight with the darkness. Light comes and darkness retreats or disappears. It is the same as when you enter a very dark room and turn on an electric switch. Immediately, bright light bursts in and there is no darkness anymore.

If we all as humanity would stop generating anger, fear and other negative feelings as a supply for the darkness’ “dinner,” and instead, we actively expand our light by feeling at peace and in harmony, all darkness would retreat and disappear, including the coronavirus and all future calamities altogether.

Unfortunately, the problem is so many people don’t believe in the destructive power of their negative feelings, and they won’t want to change their destructive habits.

However, you and are personally can still make a difference in the world. The change begins with every single person!

 This is what you personally can do without waiting for others to change their habits.

Personal actions steps:  (Part 1)

  1. Stop generating negative feelings of any kind whatsoever.
  2. Stop all negative talk.
  3. Stop discussing the coronavirus situation with anyone.
  4. Stop blaming the virus, the country, the leader, your neighbor’s cat and the ducks in the nearby lake.

Obviously, I am not an alien writing an article about human emotions. I am also responsible for generating a fair amount of negative feelings in the past. I also have done a lot of learning, purifying, clearing, and training myself to remove my old habits, which had come from ignorance and being asleep in the long past. I know to stop feeling and thinking negatively is easier said than done. But I do have a solution to suggest.

Where your attention is that is what you become.

Where your attention is at any given moment, to that master you are actively serving!

If your attention is on the virus, since it’s destructive, you serve the darkness.

If your attention is on being angry and afraid about what could happen to you and your loved ones, since it’s destructive, you serve the darkness.

In other words, you are actively looking down at the darkness, trying to find a solution in a very wrong place, in the physical world. Darkness won’t give you any good solutions. It wants to destroy you as virus shows.

Instead, we all must serve the only true Master of this Universe:  LOVE.

Other names for Love are Light, God, The Divine Presence and many others, whatever you use.

We must look UP instead of looking down.

All the efforts of the medical providers and all others who are actively helping the sick are noble, and I bow to them with deep respect. But these actions are not complete without turning to the Divine and seeking spiritual guidance every step of the way and doing our own work on helping out.

As an example of this principle, visit my interview with Claudia Cooley, a Best-Selling Author and a Get-It-Done Coach, who needed encouragement in a hard time but didn’t find it in her friends.

Watch Claudia telling her story where and how she found the best solution and was uplifted and supported.  


Spiritual preparation must come first, then physical actions.

Because the majority of the population on earth subscribe to the belief that the physical world is real, all they know are the physical actions. They don’t know if these are the right actions or not and whether they would bring the desired or the opposite results. They just tend to rush into physical actions blindly, into the unknown, and hope for the best. As a confirmation to my words, look around. Did anyone tell you exactly what will happen tomorrow? When the virus will stop? Where the virus will go next? No one, because no one knows.

Yet, every human on earth has his or her Divine I AM Presence. Every human is required to look up to this Divine I AM Presence and ask for a solution and guidance!

“Call unto Me and I will answer Thee!”

“Ask and you shall receive!”

And every human is obligated to obey the Law of the Universe, which is the Law of Love.

I am a spiritual self-awareness mentor, and I do not subscribe to any religion. I have my own spiritual understanding and experience. However, I actively use prayers that sustained the test of time.

You can use what I suggest here, or you can absolutely use your own. My point is:

We all, individually and collectively, during these trying times, as well as during the peaceful ones, must keep our attention on the Divine I AM Presence that holds all perfect answers and all perfect solutions.

Do you think that God doesn’t know the truth about the whole virus situation, who started it, who did what and where it is all going? But we must ask! Ask (God) and you shall receive (the answer)!

If you start saying out loud as many times as you possibly can: “I AM the Resurrection and the Life” “and Peace, Be Still,” do you think you will have time to be afraid and angry? And will you have time and opportunity to utter angry and fearful words of blame and judgment, when your mouth is busy reciting the spiritual mantra?

You will effectively switch your attention to the Power of the Divine, which holds protection, help and the solution. You will start emitting love, peace and confidence, thus you will start expanding your light, instead of constantly generating more and more darkness.

Calmness creates more calmness, and therefore, more light.

Peace creates more peace, and therefore, more light.

Harmony creates more harmony, and therefore, more light.

That’s the law. No one can escape it.

To restore peace, we all individually and collectively must turn our attention away from anger, fear, and blame and turn to peace and harmony.

Personal actions steps:   

To get a PDF file with these practice steps, visit the practice page. 

 Start repeating as much as possible out loud (instead of listening to all disturbing news that generates more fear, anger, and blame.)

“I AM the Resurrection and the Life.”  If you want, you can add:  “free from coronavirus.”

“Peace, Be Still on Earth”

“The Light of God never fails.”

“The Light Forces move across the world and all the darkness disappears.”

“I AM a Victory over coronavirus.”  (I AM is the name of God, therefore, you are saying, “God is a Victory over coronavirus.”)

Or choose whatever prayer or mantra you find appropriate and start doing it! Over and over and over. Not five puny minutes a day, but occupy your thoughts and feelings with this activity. Remember, quantity turns into quality.

If we are to be victorious over the coronavirus permanently, we, personally and collectively, must

  1. Stop generating darkness by feeling, thinking and speaking negatively.
  2. Feel harmonious and at peace at all times.
  3. Look up to our Divine Presence at all times.
  4. Ask the Divine Presence for guidance and the solution to the problem.
  5. Listen to Divine Guidance.
  6. Take steps according to the guidance.

Just a side note, do you think the Divine Guidance would tell you to rush in a panic to the story and get as much toilet paper as possible?

Personal actions steps:  

To get a PDF file with these practice steps, visit the practice page. 

In the morning, the first thing we have to do is to turn to the Divine I AM Presence and ask, “What do I have to do today to help the world get rid of coronavirus?” “What is my part in all this?” and then listen and trust your feelings, your gut, your intuition.

Perhaps, you are not personally involved in all rescue efforts, but we all must contribute with our harmonized feelings and calmness, with the expansion of our light.

If you feel determined, here is another step.

Say out loud many times a day:  “I charge God’s Love into coronavirus to annihilate it from the Earth forever.”

If you under impression that Nature is to blame for the virus, and that is just another “Act of God,” you are sadly mistaken. The Powers of Nature and the Forces of the Elements suffer from human anger tremendously. The acts of nature get disturbed because of our human accumulation of darkness and the result is all negative nature cataclysms and catastrophes.

We must bless the nature and the elements as must as possible.

It’s very easy: “I bless the Nature and the Elements with God’s Love.”

You can change the wording and bless them how you like.

Every human has tremendous Divine power inside. And every human has free will, therefore a choice. Let’s connect with the Divine Power and follow its Wise Divine Guidance. If we want to stop all future calamities, including the present one, we must turn to LOVE and we must exercise strict obedience to the Law of the Universe, the Law of Love.

If this article resonates with you and your spiritual beliefs, please share it with as many people as possible.

If it doesn’t, please don’t generate more darkness by bashing it. Just leave it be. And this is spirituality in practice!

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The featured image is courtesy of my 10-year-old daughter Amelia.

To get a PDF file with these practice steps, visit the practice page. 



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