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Awakening to Your True Purpose: A Spiritual Journey of Discovery

Many women entrepreneurs are very interested to know what they are supposed to do in their lives. And many do not really know for sure. However, they only think about one aspect: their business. Usually, people feel that they are meant for more and they want to be bigger and do more, and they believe it is about material achievements.

This is all good and noble, however, there is one consideration.

This year, I heard of 3 entrepreneurs with fame, big business, and lots of clients and followers, who made it big, enjoyed the great success they achieved, and then died prematurely, from cancer. I also heard someone say, “You do not have tomorrow. Achieve now everything you can.”

While it’s true that we don’t know whether we have tomorrow or not, the rest is up for debate.

How many people stop and ask this question: What is my PURPOSE in life? Why have I incarnated in this body? What is the main reason? What is the grand design for me?
A mission and a purpose are two different things.
A mission is something you need to accomplish in this life in the material world. Your service to humanity.
A purpose is much bigger than your mission. A purpose gives your life and your achievements MEANING.
These 3-business people all died from cancer while they were on the top of their personal world: with fame, wealth, and status.
Did they take with them all their achievements? Did they take the money? Did they take the fame? Did they take their status?
No. None of this is important on the other side. Spiritual things are the opposite of the material things.
Fame, wealth, and status come from the outside. These 3 people, like many others, were focused on the outer attributes of success. And the ended up with cancer.
It was not the purpose of their lives to die from cancer.
It was not the purpose of their lives to even have cancer. Quite the opposite. But because the inner spiritual world was not addressed, the end is very sad.
They will be coming back into their next incarnations and starting all over again. They will be again wealthy and fortunate. But will they address the spiritual purpose instead? We do not know.
Here is another story.
There was a rich farmer who had a huge storage of grain. A new harvest came together with the big crop of grain. But the farmer didn’t have another storage to store all this new grain. Famer said to himself, I will build the new storage facility and will store all my grain there. Because I’ve accumulated so much, I now will retire and enjoy my life.
That same night, God spoke to the farmer, saying, “Tonight, your soul will separate from your body. You are foolish man. You have accumulated all this wealth but you cannot take it with you to the other side. Where is your spiritual wealth?

This is my Divine Message to you! Heed the advice. Wake up to the meaning of your life. You still can make the choice to go within and find out your spiritual reason for incarnating into this lifetime and of course, you have to start fulfilling it.
Find out what your SPIRITUAL PURPOSE of incarnating is.
What is the actual true meaning of your life?
Only then your mission will be clear and obvious to you because it will be based on your purpose.
In order to find the meaning and the purpose, you must turn to the spirit world for answers.

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