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September 26, 2023
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Are You in the Middle of a Difficult Situation?

Why bad things happen to good people? Ever wondered about that? My friend’s friend had a breast removed recently due to breast cancer. She’s been doing everything right to make sure her remission is permanent. We just go the news, metastases spread in the whole body! What would you do when you were presented with such news?
Bad things happen to everyone here on earth, even Jesus experienced bad time. (I say it with full respect.)
Have you recently found yourself in a crisis? a difficult situation? drama?

Do you struggle with the lack of money, high debt, not enough business or professional success, less than happy relationships, bad health, or maybe you are dealing with difficult people who are bullying or somehow disrespecting you and you don’t know what to do about it?
The common first response is to go into a full crisis mode: get angry, get upset, dive full thing into worry and fear. Then as the second step, to take actions according to one’s best knowledge and experience. But does the situation clears completely? Are you sure it will never return? Are you confident that bad things will never happen again to you, good person?

If an unpleasant situation keeps you up at night and you have no idea how to solve it, do you ever ask “WHY?”
Unfortunately, many do ask “WHY?” but they don’t find the answer, and the situation continues or disappears and then raises its ugly head later.

If you haven’t found the answer or the solution to your problem or your pain, it means you are not looking in the right direction. The answer is always near the problem, but many cannot see and hear it.

If you are tired of all the drama in your life, all the challenges, all the struggles, I have bad news and good news for you. The bad news: Let me assure you bad things will always happen to good people if they are living their lives without finding the right answers. If you continue the same path you’ve been taking, you will always encounter difficulties and challenges and very unpleasant situations.

The good news: There is a sure way to resolve every negative or difficult situation successfully with the best possible outcome. And with time, if you are following the right path, you will experience less and less of drama, until it is eliminated completely and permanently.
Even though SEEMINGLY, different problems demand different solutions, such as bad health – medical care, lack of money – actions to make money, bad relationships – change the status or do the work on improvement, etc. But that’s on the surface. And that’s where many make a huge mistake! And that’s why many don’t find the permanent and best solutions.

All problems have one COMMON DENOMINATOR. And this denominator is responsible for all the problems, challenges, and the drama. This denominator must be addressed for the solution to be found. But because people are not aware of this denominator, they are not looking in the right direction. They are not searching for correct answers, therefore, they don’t find the PERMANENT solution. So they have to live with the Band-Aid. The struggle continues. And the fresh Band-Aid is applied. Rinse and repeat.
Like everybody else, I had experienced this continuing struggle in my life too, until I looked in an entirely new direction. The rest is history. And now I teach my clients what I’ve discovered myself long time ago. I’ve discovered the common denominator of all my struggles, problems, drama, fears and worries. And I stopped struggling. I eliminated drama from my life entirely. And I handle every situation that comes my way in an entirely different way and it brings a permanent solution.

I know the struggles, I know the drama, I know the difficult situations. I also know solutions. I know success. I know permanent positive results.

And I am inviting you to learn this common denominator so you too could look in the right direction and address your challenges in the right way, the way that brings permanent solutions and the best results possible.
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and change your life forever. You will know for sure why bad things happen to good people and what to do about that.

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